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Cheryl Hunter is a bestselling author, speaker and coach who helps people reinvent and triumph. She is called upon by news sources such as CNN and Headline News to provide expert commentary on resilience for their audience.

Here’s why: while traveling abroad as a teenager, two men promised to make Cheryl a model. Instead they abducted her, held her captive, and left her for dead.

Once Cheryl was free, she became a model anyway. By the time she was 23, she had lived in seven countries, had been featured in every major magazine franchise, and she was the world-wide Coca-Cola girl.

As a response to captivity, Cheryl learned how to rise. In the process, she created an educational framework that anyone can use to overcome adversity and do the same. Her framework has been profiled by Forbes Magazine, Fast Company, Reader’s Digest, U.S. News & World Report, The Huffington Post, and is highlighted in all five of her TED talks. Cheryl has helped over a quarter million people turn their lives around, break free from whatever holds them captive, and create lasting change.

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The Two C's of Resilience

Interactive Resiliency Workshop

TEDxTalk – Wabi Sabi: The Magnificence of Imperfection

Inspiring Audiences


Cheryl’s presentations are enlivening, uplifting, engaging and they are designed to cause long-term impact and lasting change. While her “off-the-shelf” programs are in high demand, event organizers praise her ability to tailor to their needs. As a result, audiences around the world report enhanced performance, increased motivation, more cohesive teams, a highly-engaged workforce and less resistance to change after attending Cheryl's keynotes and workshops. 

Speech Topics


The Resilience Factor: Turn Setbacks into Success

Resilience not only helps people bounce back from difficulty, but also remain nimble in the face of everyday challenges, gracefully navigate change and stay focused, powerful, and on-point in the midst of ambiguity and uncertainty. The good news? Resilience is a behavior that can be learned, developed and strengthened. Audiences will expand their grit, mental toughness and fortitude, as well as gain a newfound ability to find the humor in situations they face. 


Elevate Her: Ignite Confidence in Women

Drawing upon Wabi-Sabi, the Japanese principle of discovering the perfection in imperfection, audiences reinterpret their stories about themselves and their perceived flaws, and arrive at new conclusions. Cheryl’s signature talk and the subsequent inquiry ignite a “Wabi-Sabi revolution” that sets the stage for a breakthrough in a way women relate to themselves and others, and provides elevated levels of confidence, effectiveness and connection.  


Leadership 2.0: Access to Leadership Through Authenticity

Authentic Leadership, with its emphasis on transparency and full disclosure, creates certainty for people and empowers them to develop new levels of performance and effectiveness. Authentic Leadership supports engaged, enlivened individuals who experience connection to themselves, each other and the mission and vision of the enterprise. Audiences will learn how their personal stories can effectively influence both others and the cultures they inhabit.  

Media Appearances

Major media relies on Cheryl to offer real-world solutions to today’s challenges. From commenting on breaking news to teaching people how to become resilient no matter what comes their way, Cheryl’s expertise is not from a classroom; her own rise from the ashes served as the catalyst for her work.

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Recent Testimonials


"I learned to identify the barriers that have been holding me back and how to do the necessary work to break through those barriers. Cheryl Hunter has changed my life."


  “Cheryl provides great insights on how to overcome the difficult experiences we inevitably face along life’s journey. She will uplift your spirits and help set you free to fully enjoy this mystery we call life – no matter what.”- Jack Canfield


“Participating in Cheryl’s workshop was a tremendous experience, and I continue to use the exercises that she taught me.”  


“Hunter left me with several "aha" moments that weren't altogether pleasant but that probably needed to happen for me to move on with my life.”


“What I learned from Cheryl Hunter is the ability to be a peace with myself.”  


“Cheryl has something very important to teach — about life, love, empathy and reaching your fullest potential on this planet.”

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