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Embrace Speaker Solutions works with a select group of speakers to engage and energize your audience, foster productive conversations to enhance Diversity and Inclusion solutions well beyond corporate compliance, and equip teams with the expertise to overcome adversity, propel innovation and increase profits.     

We take the time to listen to your event objectives, hearing you outline what’s important to your audience, respecting your program parameters and only offering speaker suggestions based on a successful history with them. We know the speakers we’re recommending personally and only list a few of them on our website. We won’t send you down a rabbit hole of hundreds of speakers to choose from as our goal is to help make selecting your speaker a simple and painless process.     

Whether you’re with a large or small corporate group, an association, a college or university we love finding the perfect speaker to meet your conference objectives and exceed your expectations.    

Your event success is as important to us as you are!   


Michelle Gustafsson 

President and CEO

Embrace Speaker Solutions, LLC   

Michelle founded Embrace Speaker Solutions after working with one of the leading lecture agencies in the country for two decades. It was during this time she discovered her passion for matching speakers and clients to achieve successful events together. With her experience, first as a sales team member and then as a speaker relationship manager, Michelle has developed a unique talent for assessing event objectives with a 360-degree view to make sure clients and their audiences leave events exhilarated after hearing the speaker they selected and excited to apply valuable take-away ideas they can implement immediately back at the office to promote growth.  She’s a dedicated professional excelling at customer service and attention to detail from the beginning to the end of each event which is why clients and speakers alike look forward to working with her year after year.    

In addition to the work she loves, Michelle enjoys traveling, meeting new people, fun meals with friends, collecting seashells on the beach and singing along with her car radio at the top of her voice! Her philosophy is simple – “Embrace Your Life!”     

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